Indeed Launches First Pay-Per-Click Job Advertising Network

We have announced the formal launch of our pay-per-click advertising network for jobs, the first PPC classified advertising network. The Press Release is here and there’s media coverage in Clickz, DM News and SmallBizResource.

We started beta-testing our advertising system in mid 2005 and now have over 100 active advertisers.

If you are a job advertiser – a job board, recruiter or employer – you can sponsor your jobs on the Indeed network. Here are the benefits:

  1. Indeed delivers job seekers that are highly targeted to your jobs. This is because Indeed is the most comprehensive search engine for jobs, with unrivalled relevancy algorithms and job search tools.
  2. Indeed’s superior targeting leads to very high conversion rates – i.e. clicks to job applications and hires. Some of our current clients have experienced conversion rates with Indeed that are far higher than any other marketing channel they use.
  3. Sponsoring your jobs on Indeed is simple. Unlike search engine keyword advertising, you don’t have to pick keywords or write advertising copy.
  4. Indeed’s advertising system is very cost effective and flexible. You only pay per click and you can alter your bid to drive more or less traffic to your jobs.

If you are a publisher, you can add Indeed job search to your website or blog in various ways. You can also earn money from this through our Publisher Program. More details are in our last post.