An Inside Look at GM: Hiring Innovative Millennials & Baby Boomers

How GM hires candidates of all ages to drive innovation

Innovation happens when a team of talented people come together to get the job done. Each person’s individual contribution to the group sparks creativity and discussion — diverse approaches to work and occasional friction are part of the magic.

While differences among the generations are frequently exaggerated, successful businesses get great results when people of all ages work together. By …

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The Job Titles & Descriptions We Love

The job titles that will make great candidates fall in love with your company

For employers and candidates alike, finding the right fit can feel like finding your perfect match. For the company, it’s identifying someone who can bring new energy to the team. For the candidate, it’s the chance to join a group of people all working towards a common goal. There’s a definite chemistry to the whole process — chemistry that begins …

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