3 Ways to Instantly Enhance Your Employer Brand With Company Pages

With 8 million employer review on Indeed, Company Pages are a key component of promoting your employer brand.

In today’s talent-driven economy, business leaders are being urged to strengthen their organizations’ employer brands so they can attract and retain the best talent.

Companies that effectively communicate their values and culture have always had a competitive advantage when it comes to finding the best candidates, and this advantage has grown as job search has changed. What current and …

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Expert Roundtable: Would You Prefer to Hire Active or Passive Candidates?

How do you allocate resources to hire both active and passive candidates? Your approach should be based on the performance data of your hiring campaigns.

Is it more effective to source employed, passive candidates or vet the active ones who have already sought out and applied for your jobs? Both tactics are effective for talent acquisition teams, but the leading organizations focus on inbound recruiting tactics to target active candidates and resort to outbound tactics to source passive candidates for chronically unfilled positions.

At Indeed

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