Which US Cities are Most Attractive to International Job Seekers?

Indeed economist Daniel Culbertson examines US metro areas that are most appealing to job seekers from international markets

Over the past year, international migration to the US has become a major controversy in political discourse and — correspondingly — the news cycle. Sometimes lost in all the heated discussion is a simple truth: That international migration to the US is by no means homogenous. Migrants from all over the world with varying career interests search for work in …

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New BLS Data Show Bounceback for Job and Wage Growth in Large Metros; Rural Areas Lag

The strong national economic recovery in recent years hides big differences across local labor markets. Today unemployment ranges from less than three percent in some states to more than six percent in others. Many downtowns have seen a revival, luring both educated young adults and some corporate headquarters back to city centers. The gap between rich and poor metros is …

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