The 20 Hottest Companies for Job Seekers in 2018

Hottest companies of 2018

With the unemployment rate hitting record lows, the battle for talent is on. Big or small, every company has to fight to win the attention of today’s savvy job seeker.

Of course, everybody is different and has a unique set of priorities, so there is no single way to attract talent. That said, there are some things that many people …

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Celebrating One Year of Indeed Academy, Our Free Training Program for TA Professionals

Use Indeed Academy to unlock the full potential of Indeed's hiring platform

Happy birthday to Indeed Academy! Our online training program has been helping recruiters learn how to use Indeed for a whole year.

If you haven’t used it, then here’s a quick recap of what it does: It’s a free program made up of 11 courses for talent attraction professionals who want to hone their recruiting skills.

Since recruiters …

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Employer Branding: Five Experts Explain How to Stand Out From the Competition

Differentiate your employer branding from your hiring competition

If you look at the array of solutions available to employers today, then it would seem that it’s never been easier for employee-experience storytellers to get your employer brand out there. With easy access to video, multiple social media channels, sophisticated third-party review sites, live events and employee advocacy, well — there are just so many ways to get …

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