New Research: What Top Performers Have in Common

New research reveals what top performers have in common and how employers can attract more of these candidates to opportunities.

It’s no secret top performers contribute a disproportionate amount of output in our organizations. Rather than seeing an even distribution of performance throughout the workforce, one study found that 10% of productivity comes from the top 1% of employees and 26% of output is a product of the top 5%.

That means top talent produces 4X as much as the …

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Mastering the Data: Using Your ATS to Optimize Your Recruiting

Man Applying for a Job on the Internet

When was the last time you reviewed the source data in your applicant tracking system (ATS)? 94% of talent executives reported they’ve successfully used big data to “moderately or extensively” identify new candidate sources.

Given the critical role sources play in shaping your recruitment strategies and budget, it makes sense to start with an in depth-analysis of the various sources …

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NBA Finals: Labor Market Edition

Data on the NBA finals and the labor markets in Cleveland and Oakland.

In this year’s NBA finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers are facing off against Oakland’s Golden State Warriors for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Last year, the Golden State Warriors won and the odds favor them again in 2016, although the Cleveland Cavaliers are intent on proving otherwise. But how do the city’s labor markets compare when it comes to the competition …

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