What Are the Hardest Jobs to Fill in Tech?

Everybody knows that the tech sector is highly competitive. But which jobs are hardest to fill?

The tech industry has one of the most competitive job markets, and finding the right talent to fill key positions is never going to be easy. In fact, for some roles, it sometimes feels like it’s getting tougher by the day.

But just how tough is it exactly? After all, whether you’re an employer recruiting for a high priority role …

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Beyond the Hype: Do You Really Need a Data Scientist?

Beyond the Hype: Do you need Really Need a Data Scientist?

In 2012, Harvard Business Review named data scientist as the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” and for good reason: They offer a unique combination of skills that neatly fit the needs of companies looking to leverage big data to make business decisions.

After all, these days, data sets aren’t always so simple. This is particularly true when it comes …

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Study: Which Companies Offer the Fastest Online Job Application Process?

Study: Which Companies Offer the Fastest Online Job Application Process?

Chances are, at some point in your career, you’ve filled out a grueling online job application, cycling through endless drop-down menus, text fields and document-upload prompts, wondering when that final “submit” button would appear. You might have even given up out of frustration and moved on to a different opportunity.

Lengthy and complicated online job applications are more a …

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Where Do Tech Salaries Go the Furthest? A New Report from Indeed Reveals the Answers

A new report from Indeed provides cost of living adjustments for 15 tech roles in 15 US cities.

Today’s hyper-connected digital economy means that tech workers are in huge demand. As a result, salaries in this sector are high, with firms in the major tech hubs of Silicon Valley and Seattle frequently offering six-figure sums to individuals with high-value skillsets.

However, before you pack your bags and head west for that lucrative dream job, pause a moment to …

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