May the 4th Be With You: Jedi and Other Weird Job Titles on Indeed

Explore the latest job trends for "Jedi" and other weird job titles.

Here at Indeed we’re big Star Wars fans, and like pretty much everybody else on the planet we loved Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Even so, the film’s huge success did leave us wondering if we’d see a spike in weird job titles and descriptions in its aftermath. After all, titles like “Self Quantification Jedi Knight” might sound awesome, …

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US Jobs Report: Continued Employer Demand Fuels Rise in Job Opportunities Outside the Big Cities

Indeed chief economist weighs in on this month's jobs numbers ahead of the US jobs report on Friday.

So far, 2016 has been a strong year for the US labor market, with 628,000 jobs added in the first quarter. This follows the steady trend of gains seen in recent years, and we expect Friday’s jobs report from the federal government will show this growth continuing into the second quarter of 2016, as employer demand for workers remains robust.…

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Why Administrative Professionals Day Matters—and Why These Jobs Are Hard to Get

Administrative professionals' day is a time to reflect on the crucial importance of these roles in any office

Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day—a time to thank the people who manage the big schedules and the big egos but often don’t get the big paychecks. From Indeed’s perspective, it’s also a time to ask: just how sought after are administrative roles in the age of organization apps and shared calendars?

The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is that “administrative assistant” continues …

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