The Relationship Between Job Creation and Interest Rates, Explained

Interest Rates Job Creation

Back in December 2015, everyone watching the labor market was also watching the Federal Reserve. Specifically, we were watching to see if the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates for the first time since 2006.

The Fed did raise rates by the close of the year—citing jobs gains, rising incomes and progress towards economic recovery to back that decision. And …

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Live From Interactive: Hiring Campaign Hacks + Recruitment Content Strategy

Recap of Indeed Interactive Day 2

Indeed Interactive launched into its final day this morning. Yesterday, attendees learned how to identify transformational talent – those highly coveted top performers who contribute significantly more than average. In the second half of the day, breakout sessions provided tips and tricks for getting the most from Indeed, including campaign hacks and advanced trainings. Here are some of the biggest …

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How to Identify Transformational Talent + More Insights From Interactive


This week, recruiting leaders from across North America are connecting in Austin, Texas, for Interactive – Indeed’s three-day event that brings together the brightest minds in talent attraction.

What stands out most about Interactive is the lineup of speakers and the data-driven stories they have to share about attracting and identifying top talent in our rapidly evolving labor market.

And …

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The Top 10 States Most (and Least) Affected by the New Federal Overtime Rules

Indeed looks at the impact of new federal overtime rules will have on different states.

Last week, the federal government unveiled new overtime rules for full-time salaried employees. As of December 1, anyone in that category making up to $47,476 a year will be eligible for overtime pay, and the Department of Labor projects that 4.2 million people will receive a boost to their incomes as a result.

This new threshold more than doubles the …

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