Indeed’s Domestic Migration Survey

Recent data from the Census Bureau show that Americans are moving less. In fact, the percentage of Americans that made a move in the last year has more or less steadily declined for over three decades, falling from just over 20% in 1985 to an all-time low of 11.2% in 2016.  

For economists, a declining moving rate is concerning because …

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What Do Employers Really Think About Coding Bootcamps?

bootcamps are on the rise

Today, technological innovation impacts every industry, creating massive demand for employees with tech skills. But good candidates are notoriously hard to find, and universities just aren’t producing enough STEM grads.

Enter coding bootcamps: an alternative education model that offers a new way to satisfy the tech talent shortage. Does the rapid rise of these fast-track, high-impact courses indicate that …

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What is the Best City for Job Seekers?

Miami comes out top in Indeed's first best cities for job seekers list

What’s the best city in the US for job seekers?

It’s a difficult question to answer. After all, every job seeker is unique: For some, there’s no place like home, while for others the grass may always be greener elsewhere. That said, there are several key considerations most of us would agree are important, and today more data than ever …

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