How Your Unconscious Mind Could Be Hiding Employees’ True Potential

How Your Unconscious Mind Could Be Hiding Employees’ True Potential

You strive to make rational hiring decisions, but make no mistake—your hidden brain is at work, and it could be obscuring high-potential individuals.

NPR science correspondent Shankar Vedantam says we all share normal brain functions that can lead to biased thinking and impact our ability to recognize top talent. Vedantam stopped by Indeed Interactive to share research and insights from …

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How Top Performers Search for Jobs

Indeed shares new research about how top performers search for jobs today: how they search, the channels they use and what attracts them to opportunities.

Sometimes a great candidate turns out to be a truly exceptional hire, going above and beyond expectations and making a huge impact on an organization. This promise of greatness inspires a quest for more top performers, but what are the best ways to find them?

Recruitment professionals have long assumed the most talented candidates are passive: that they’re employed by …

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16 Trends Shaping the Global Economy (and How You Hire)

Global employment trends

Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter at a large company or a small business owner growing your team for the first time, your ability to hire great talent is shaped in part by what’s happening in the global economy.

These macro trends can tell us a great deal about how many candidates are out there, where talent is coming from and …

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New Journalism Grads Are Abandoning the Field: Here’s What They Want to Do Instead

Indeed insights on job search and the future of journalism.

The shift to an online world where information is available to everyone has revolutionized the news business. Today, anybody, anywhere with a smartphone can follow the headlines as they unfold in real time. But there’s a flipside, too: Most of this information is consumed for free, which makes funding a large-scale news entity very difficult.

As a result, the news …

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