Low Local Unemployment Attracts Job Seekers from Neighboring States


Across the country, local economies range from rural to urban, tech-centric to industrial, and everything in between. From state to state, labor markets offer diverse options to workers of all kinds. Recently released unemployment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal the variation in unemployment rates nationwide, providing a look at what those markets look like in each state.

The …

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Which Countries Are the Most World Cup Obsessed?

Job Search During World Cup 2014

For the past month, the World Cup has captured the attention of the entire planet, and this year’s tournament is being recognized as the most engaging global sporting event of all time, drawing in more viewers, analysis and passion than any other in recent memory.

A record 171 goals, Spain’s surprising exit, Tim Howard’s 27 saves in the course of …

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Mapping the World of Job Search: Where People Search & Why

9.1% of global job seekers are looking for jobs in another country. Learn about the latest trends in labor mobility in a new report from the Indeed Hiring Lab.

As the fierce global competition for the best talent ramps up around the world, where will candidates come from and how will employers attract people to the locations where jobs are available?

The latest report from the Indeed Hiring Lab, Where People Search for Jobs: Cross-Border Labor Mobility, examines what motivates people to look for jobs in another place, …

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Job Search Percolates for Starbucks After Announcing Tuition Assistance Program

Job searches for Starbucks increase after tuition assistance announcement

How effective are benefits in attracting talent to a company? A recent move by the world’s largest coffee chain sheds some light on this crucial employer branding question.

On June 14th, Starbucks announced the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, a collaboration with Arizona State University’s (ASU) online program, which will allow all Starbucks employees to receive some measure of tuition assistance. …

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These Metrics Will Transform Your Recruiting Strategy – Here’s How

Improving your recruiting campaigns with automated source tracking.

The smartest talent acquisition teams in the recruiting industry today have moved away from the “post and pray” model, relying instead on data to pinpoint the best hiring sources and support recruiting decisions. This targeted approach enables them to focus resources on the recruiting solutions that drive the most hires.

Here are five simple steps to help your organization adopt this …

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