The Tax Jobs Market, Explained in 4 Charts

Tax season is upon us. What does the tax jobs market look like?

This year, April 18th is the filing deadline for federal tax returns in the US, instead of the traditional April 15th. Thanks to a public holiday, taxpayers will have an extra three days to prepare.

In spite of this good news, the notoriously complex US tax code is likely to remain a source of stress for many people: At four …

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3 Ways to Measure Your Employer Brand

Learn 3 ways to track your employer brand from Indeed.

Your employer brand: What people say about working for your company when the boss is not in the room.

Notice that I didn’t just say employees? That’s because people like to share helpful and insightful information that they’ve heard from their friends or colleagues, whether they have worked for an organization or not. According to Edelman’s recent study, the word …

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