Why is it Getting Harder to Hire in the Restaurant Industry?

Consumer spending is up, which means more people are eating out and employers can't find workers fast enough.

The economy is steadily improving and today, more people have discretionary income to spend on leisure, travel, or eating out—and this rise in consumer demand has resulted in thousands of new job openings in food service and hospitality. The increase in job opportunities in this sector has contributed to the low unemployment rate in the US, down to 5.1%. But …

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3 Ways to Get Ahead of 2016 Hiring

Get Ahead of Hiring

Jobs may be easier to come by these days, with the latest BLS job openings rate at 3.9%. This is the highest rate of job openings reported in 15 years and indicates substantially more hires in the coming months.

As a result of a thriving recruitment market, everyone is looking for a job right now. Well, almost everyone. Our latest

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Inspired Hiring Tactics to Help You Source Great Talent

Get inspired insights on attracting top talent from the new Indeed ebook.

October may have just begun but the year will be over before we know it. With days shortening and year-end deadlines creeping up, there’s no better time for a little inspiration.

These nine months of 2015 have presented new frontiers for talent attraction professionals—the unemployment rate keeps dropping and we have decidedly moved to a talent-driven economy, one where great …

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