4 Dimensions for Understanding Who’s Searching for Part-time Jobs

Indeed data and economic analysis on who’s looking for part-time jobs

Last week in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen spoke about the nation’s economic recovery and noted that despite signs of improvement, the labor market still faces many challenges. Among other things, Yellen touched on the high number of Americans working part time for economic reasons — 7.5 million people would like a full-time job but can’t find …

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How Indeed Became the Leading Job Site Around the World

Indeed is the leading job site worldwide, available in 50+ countries and 28 languages

Job search is different all around the world, which is why launching the world’s leading job site in 50+ countries and 28 languages didn’t happen overnight.

Over the last 10 years, Indeed has steadily grown into these markets, with careful consideration for the needs of local job seekers and employers. Today, of the 140 million unique visitors that come to …

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Which States Would Job Seekers Relocate To?

Texas has the highest number of job searches from outside the state.

What motivates people to look for jobs in a new place and where are they looking to go? These questions are at the heart of the latest research from the Indeed Hiring Lab — a global research institute committed to advancing the knowledge of human resource and talent management professionals worldwide.

In examining aggregated, anonymized data on where job seekers …

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The Importance of Service at Indeed

Client Services at Indeed

In Client Services at Indeed, our promise is to deliver quality to our clients, partners and teammates worldwide. This brand promise purposely has a lot of meanings – we strive to deliver a high quality of applicant for our clients so those candidates will convert into hires, and we have a culture of providing high-quality support for one another in …

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Mobile Now Accounts for Half of All Job Searches

50% of searches on Indeed come from mobile

Mobile job search traffic to Indeed has increased dramatically over the past year, growing from 33% of total traffic in 2013 to 50% today.

As smartphone ownership accelerates, job search has evolved from a desktop activity to a mobile one. Job seekers now take their search with them, browsing opportunities when it’s most convenient for them. And, the way people …

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