25% of Job Postings Are Still Open After 60 Days: Here’s What to Do About It

More than 25% of jobs in the US are open 60 days or more

Top recruiters and talent professionals of today are becoming more and more proactive. Instead of filling vacancies once they’re open, they anticipate where the business is headed and actively attract best-fit candidates before there is an explicit need.

But even the best planning is subject to forces beyond our control. In today’s labor market, candidates have many options, and this …

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It’s Not All About Free Food—What Really Matters When It Comes to Employee Engagement

Looking out for the best interest of the employee is the surest way to build investment among a company and get people to fall in love with your office.

According to Gallup Poll research, less that one-third of US workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014. Gallup defines engaged employees as “workers that are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” How do you get employees engaged in the office? Is it free food? Better benefits? Funky furniture? There is a business benefit …

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January Jump! What a Surge in Job Seeker Activity Means for Employers

The biggest increase in job seeker activity each year happens at the beginning of January.

Anecdotally, we know that the new year is seen as a perfect opportunity to make big changes. Indeed data on job seeker activity indicates that this is definitely true when it comes to looking for new jobs. Each January, search activity on all devices follows a familiar trajectory, dipping through the holidays and surging just after New Year’s celebrations end. …

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New Research Shines Spotlight on the Global Jobs Mismatch

Read the latest report from the Indeed Hiring Lab, Labor Market Outlook 2016: Uncovering the causes of global jobs mismatch

If the economy is getting better, then why do 38% of employers worldwide report that they are struggling to fill positions? And why is it that in the United States 25% of jobs are still open after 60 days?

These are just two of the problems employers face today as they go hunting for talent—only to find that there’s not …

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