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Indeed Global Migration Snapshot

Indeed Global Migration Snapshot: An Overview of International Job Search Trends

Each year, millions of people cross borders in pursuit of better lives and better opportunities.

Proponents of migration argue that this movement supplies local labor markets with fresh talent, energy, and dynamism. And in countries with aging demographics, it is essential to replenishing the workforce. However, migration also stirs anxieties: that increased competition for jobs will lead to lower wages and the loss of jobs for local populations, or that newcomers will have difficulty assimilating.

Economic, linguistic, cultural, and political factors all have an impact on migration of course — and yet in today’s hyperconnected world, it is increasingly difficult to resist the mass movement of people. Global job sites such as Indeed make it easier than ever for job seekers to research the opportunities available to them across national borders: a total of 200 million unique visitors look for work on Indeed each month, and in the period under study (April 1–August 31, 2016) an average of 4.5% of job search was international. Thus, with a few taps of a finger or clicks of a mouse, anyone with an Internet connection can see what jobs are open in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and beyond.

Of course, not every cross-border job search leads to a move. Whether it is an expression of intent, interest, or simple curiosity, it reflects the judgments of people inside a country looking out and of those outside looking in. As such, it gives us insight into how global job seekers perceive different labor markets and the opportunities those markets present.

In this report, we review patterns of global job search in 49 of Indeed’s biggest markets. Here’s what we cover:

International Job Search Trends: The destinations receiving the most and the least interest from global job seekers.

Where International Job Seekers Come From: The countries where job seekers are most and least inclined to search for work outside their own borders.

Country Profiles: How international job search breaks down on a country-by-country basis for 12 of Indeed’s markets.

Where international job seekers are searching


Global Job Search Trends

Where are international job seekers searching?

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Where international job seekers come from


Where International Job Seekers Come From

Which countries have the most mobile candidates?

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Country Profiles

A deeper look at international migration in 12 countries

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