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Indeed Global Migration Snapshot: An Overview of International Job Search Trends

Where are international job seekers searching for work and what are they interested in doing there? New research from Indeed has the answers.

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The Talent Driven Economy: Emerging Interests of Today's Job Seeker

Six years ago, there were 6.2 unemployed job seekers for every one job opening. Today, it’s 1.7 unemployed job seekers for every job. That’s a big improvement and it means that rather than looking for any job, most candidates are now employed and can look for the right job.

To get a better understanding of what types of jobs people …

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Three Generations of Talent: Who's Searching for Jobs Today

Unemployment is down and job seeker confidence is high for the first time in years. This is great news for the economy but it poses some challenges for employers — job seekers of all ages will be carefully considering their options and organizations will need to work all the harder to make their opportunities stand out from the rest.

The …

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