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Finding a job is a life-changing moment. However, getting to that point involves a lot of hard work and planning for a job seeker. As a comprehensive search engine for jobs, Indeed has helped millions of people find their dream job. Learn how to make the most the job search process with help from the experts at Indeed.

Inside the Mind of the Modern Job Seeker [Video]

Today’s job search is more frequent than ever with 52% of employed adults searching at least monthly.

67% of employed adults in the labor force are actively looking or open to a new job, according to a recent survey conducted online in March by Harris Poll on behalf of Indeed. These are the type of people who are keeping an eye on employment trends and new career opportunities that could ultimately lead to landing their dream job, …

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Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech?

According to Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, women made up 37% of all computer science graduates in 1984. Today, that same figure is less than 18%.

With 1.4 million STEM jobs opening in the next 20 years and a significant talent shortage, employers are hard pressed to find enough candidates to meet the demand for high-skill tech …

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