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How Employers Can Turn the Student Debt Crisis Into a Recruitment Opportunity

The class of 2016 is graduating with record levels of debt. Indeed looks at how employers can use loan assistance to recruit top talent.

While the media loves to stereotype millennials as a spoiled, naive bunch, a new Indeed survey of the graduating class of 2016 paints a different picture of this much-maligned generation.*

Although 86% of the latest wave of millennials to enter the workforce report feeling “somewhat” or “very optimistic” that they will find a full-time job after graduating, we find this …

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What Are the Top Companies to Work for in 2016?

The top companies to work for in 2016, according to data from over 16 million employee reviews.

What are the top companies to work for in America?

It’s an important question, and here at Indeed we have data that can help answer it. In fact, we host over 10 million employee reviews, making Indeed the largest online resource of its kind in the world. We wanted to know which companies have the highest number of satisfied employees, …

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May the 4th Be With You: Jedi and Other Weird Job Titles on Indeed

Explore the latest job trends for "Jedi" and other weird job titles.

Here at Indeed we’re big Star Wars fans, and like pretty much everybody else on the planet we loved Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Even so, the film’s huge success did leave us wondering if we’d see a spike in weird job titles and descriptions in its aftermath. After all, titles like “Self Quantification Jedi Knight” might sound awesome, …

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Indeed Employer App Transforms Mobile Devices into Hiring Tools

Hire successfully from anywhere with the Indeed Employer app.

Employers and candidates are increasingly connecting to one another via mobile devices.

Available on both Apple and Android platforms, Indeed Employer brings key functionality of the desktop experience to mobile devices and streamlines recruitment actions. Use the app to:

Post and manage jobs

Use the app to lay out important aspects of your job, including its title, description and screener …

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