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Indeed Interactive: An Insider’s Guide

In less than a week, Indeed Interactive will kick off in Austin, Texas. This year’s theme is “The Human Side of Hiring” and we’re going to take  a close look at the psychological and emotional aspects of recruitment in an increasingly tech-centric world.

Over two days we’ll explore how recruiters can combine empathy with data to guide effective — and …

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Humanize Your Hiring: Malcolm Gladwell at Indeed Interactive

Malcolm Gladwell Indeed

A master of the intersection that exists between deliberation, mindfulness and psychology—and the interaction between those things—Malcolm Gladwell is a well-respected, best-selling author and philosopher. Through his writings, we can see that Gladwell has an uncanny ability to decipher the subconscious and to apply his understandings of the inner workings of the human mind, providing thorough explanations about human behaviors …

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