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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Indeed Analytics Can Help You Get the Most From Your Job Postings

Work smarter, not harder with Indeed Analytics

As an employer, you’ve probably encountered baffling situations now and then that you can’t explain—such as posting a high quality job with a great salary and benefits, only to receive few candidate applications.

Sound familiar? It’s frustrating when you don’t understand what’s going on with your jobs. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could understand and learn more about them …

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Video: How to Tackle Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Open the Door to Great Talent

In part one of this video series, Indeed SVP Paul D’Arcy explored the research behind unconscious bias and how it can affect hiring decisions. Unconscious bias can have the unfortunate effect of screening out exactly the kinds of candidates companies need: people with fresh perspectives who can add value to their companies.

So what can employers do about it?


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Small Is Beautiful: 4 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand Without Breaking the Bank

building an employer brand

These days, the term “employer branding” gets bandied about a lot. But what does it mean? Like consumer branding, which builds reputation and recognition for products, employer branding is about doing the same for your workplace. However, rather than attract customers, the goal is to attract your future employees.

Big firms spend millions of dollars on their employer brands. They …

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