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Your employer brand can be summed up by what people say about your company when the boss is not in the room. There’s a big opportunity for employers to reach the right candidates and share their organization’s story with potential job seekers. Learn why employer branding is one of the most important focus areas for HR teams.

5 Ways to Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring

Indeed performance reports help small businesses gauge the effectiveness of online recruitment campaigns.

As a business owner growing a team of employees or an HR leader trying to attract the best talent, it can be difficult to settle on the right sourcing strategy for your business. How can you be sure you’re investing in the right recruitment channels? And how do you know you’re reaching the right candidates?

In our 3-Step Guide to

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80% of This Local News Team Was Hired with Indeed [Video]

How does local news work? It takes a team of talented people, all dedicated to telling the stories that matter to their community.

With a 30-year history in broadcasting, ZGS Communications is a multimedia company that owns and operates nine Spanish-language television stations, representing the largest group of independent stations affiliated with the Telemundo television network. Their local news …

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