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Your employer brand can be summed up by what people say about your company when the boss is not in the room. There’s a big opportunity for employers to reach the right candidates and share their organization’s story with potential job seekers. Learn why employer branding is one of the most important focus areas for HR teams.

3 Ways to Instantly Enhance Your Employer Brand With Company Pages

With 8 million employer review on Indeed, Company Pages are a key component of promoting your employer brand.

In today’s talent-driven economy, business leaders are being urged to strengthen their organizations’ employer brands so they can attract and retain the best talent.

Companies that effectively communicate their values and culture have always had a competitive advantage when it comes to finding the best candidates, and this advantage has grown as job search has changed. What current and …

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How One Company Leverages Employer Brand to Hire Customer-Oriented Employees

Repairing more than 1 million windshields per year, building relationships with over 3 million customers, and running more than 5,000 shops across the US requires a great amount of human capital. That’s why Safelite Autoglass places such a high value on finding the right people to join their company.

This service-oriented organization specializes in repairing or replacing car windshields when …

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Maximize Your Hiring Budget With Bid Optimizer

Our every behavior has been reshaped by technology: how we travel, how we shop, and of course, how we search for jobs. With this move to web and mobile, we have also gained unprecedented access to data on what those behaviors look like—data that deliver insight into when and where to reach people.

On Indeed, people search for jobs …

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