Best Practices for Contacting Candidates Using Indeed Resume

Fill roles quickly on Indeed

Millions of candidates create resumes on Indeed each month and thousands of employers turn to Indeed Resume to connect with those job seekers. This is a simple way for employers to find talent — just as people use Indeed to search for jobs, recruiters and hiring managers use Indeed Resume to search for and contact prospective hires. The large pool of candidates using Indeed Resume enables recruiters to get targeted results in an instant.

Here are five tips for contacting candidates successfully using Indeed Resume:

1. Target qualified candidates

To increase the chance of making the right hire, only reach out to job seekers that match your requirements. For example, if the job requires a license or certification, ensure the candidates you’re contacting already hold those qualifications.

2. Tailor your message to the candidate

The messages that get the best results are well researched and tailored to the candidate’s resume and work experience. We advise that you take the time to review each resume before messaging the candidate.

3. Be specific when explaining the opportunity

Always offer as much information as possible and answer commonly asked questions within your message. Your email to the candidate should have a clear purpose, such as inviting them to apply for your opportunity.

4. Be transparent about the role, pay and commission structure

Be transparent about your company, the role and the pay. We also request that jobs with a commission-only structure be clearly identified.

5. Use a corporate email

If you have a corporate email address, we strongly recommend that you use it. This helps build credibility and earn trust with job seekers, which increases the chances of a candidate replying to your message.

To ensure candidates have the best possible experience on Indeed, no multi-level marketing, franchise or training opportunities are allowed to be posted. We want the application process to be simple and easy to understand so we also remove jobs that require any form of payment from the job seeker.

Start searching for your next great hire on Indeed Resume today.