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William Tincup is the President of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, he’s a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher.

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How to Adapt Your Talent Acquisition Strategy During COVID-19

How to Adapt Your Talent Acquisition Strategy During COVID-19

Typically, talent acquisition transformation is a strictly aspirational concept, with most teams too busy even to consider revamping any existing strategies and solutions. In light of the massive disruption caused to standard procedure by COVID-19, however, this transformation is now a reality — though few, if any of us, saw it coming. 

To get it right, it’s important to …

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3 Tips for a Better Recruiting Budget

recruiting budget

A common misconception in recruiting is that budgets are created only once a year. While you might turn in a plan on a given day, the legwork that goes into budgeting is ongoing. And it touches all aspects of talent acquisition — from the people doing the work to the people you’ll eventually hire, as well as how the work …

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4 Ways to Improve Employee Onboarding

how to improve employee onboarding

All too often, this is the onboarding process new employees face: It starts with an awkward walk around the office, where they’re put on display and overwhelmed in the process. If they’re lucky, there’s a desk ready for them at the end of it, and if they’re really lucky, a computer. Then the new hire is left on their own …

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