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LeighAnna Webb

LeighAnna Webb is a video producer and writer at Indeed. She holds her BFA in information design and media from the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. She has a background in fine arts, social media and various content mediums.

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Have Talent FOMO? Indeed Hiring Events Could Be the Answer

hiring events

The Internet has made a lot of things in life easier. Don’t know what something is? Google it. Don’t have a storefront to advertise your open roles? Post them online. However, the accessibility of the Internet can create more work for recruiters — for example, imagine having 500 positions to fill at warehouses opening in five different cities. You could …

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Free the Potential of the PhD Candidate and Tap into a Rich Talent Pool

PhD candidates

Have you ever received a job application from a PhD graduate and weren’t sure what to do with it? These applicants are often overlooked due to common misconceptions that prevent recruiters from tapping into a rich talent pool.

“What PhD candidates are looking for is that opportunity to prove themselves [and] learn some new things,” says Vay Cao,  founder of …

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