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Jed Kolko

Jed Kolko is Chief Economist at Indeed, the world’s #1 job site, where he leads the research division, the Hiring Lab. Previously he was Chief Economist and VP of Analytics at Trulia, the online real estate marketplace. He has also led research teams at the Public Policy Institute of California and at Forrester Research. Jed specializes in using large-scale proprietary and publicly available datasets to uncover insights about labor markets, the future of work, demographics, housing markets, and urban trends. He has written for the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, FiveThirtyEight, Wonkblog, and Bloomberg View, and has authored a dozen academic articles. He earned his A.B. in Social Studies and his Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University and lives in San Francisco.

Jed can be found on Twitter.

Recent Articles by Jed

Job Search Out of the U.S. Surged After the Election and Remains Elevated

Job search from the US to other countries increased significantly after the presidential election.

During the bitter and divisive presidential campaign, many wondered, threatened, or promised to move to Canada if their candidate lost. Some celebrities even went on-record about leaving the U.S. if Trump won. So what happened? Lena Dunham may be taking some heat for “breaking her promise,” but plenty of others Americans were looking for jobs in Canada as Trump’s victory …

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October Jobs Report Shows Labor Market at Strongest Point Since Recession

Indeed chief economist Jed Kolko reports that this month's job report show the strongest growth since the recession ended, and with room still to grow.

The October jobs report shows that the labor market is clearly at its strongest point since the recession and still strengthening. While job growth of 161,000 was slightly below consensus and the prior-year average, it was more than strong enough to keep the labor market improving, and revisions to previous months were solidly up. And with hourly earnings up 2.8% …

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