About James Ellis and Henry Eschricht

James Ellis is host of the popular podcast the Talent Cast and Employer Brand Consultant. You can also find him on Twitter: @TheWarForTalent. Henry Eschricht can’t get enough of people, strategy, and culture - brand consulting is where that comes to life (and in his “regular” status at local businesses he tells us). He insists that you don’t need to go anywhere to explore, but when he does go places the preferred method is at medium speed in fast, old cars.

Recent Articles by James Ellis

How Short-Term Thinking Is Killing Your Employer Brand

What’s the single most common mistake companies make when they think about their employer brand? 

Many companies misdiagnose other common issues, such as job-posting, marketing or “reviews site” problems, as employer-brand problems. Some shift the blame for employer-brand issues onto recruiting, rather than taking it on as a company. Others confuse employer brand with recruitment marketing. However, these issues aren’t …

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