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James Ellis

It’s possible that the stories are true and that a radioactive recruiter bit born marketer James Ellis years ago. All we know is that James Ellis has become a well-known podcaster, writer, speaker and consultant in the growing employer brand industry. He’s done everything from put a public Fortune 1000 brand on his back to building a 19-person employer brand activation team within the biggest recruitment marketing agency in the world. What drives someone to write, podcast, speak and work so obsessively toward revolutionizing the recruiting and talent industry? Coffee. Yes, he would like another, thank you. Podcast: The Talent Cast (http://thetalentcast.com) Website: http://employerbrand.consulting Twitter: @TheWarForTalent

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How to Correctly Diagnose 5 Common Talent Problems

How to solve your talent problems

We all want solutions, whether it’s at the doctor’s office, the IT desk or in our hiring systems. But in our zeal to find an answer, we sometimes misdiagnose the problem.

Say you have a nagging cold. One doctor may tell you to drink more fluids and rest. But maybe they dive deeper and ask a few more questions, leading …

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Solving Recruiting’s “99%” Problem: How to Turn Engaged Candidates into Advocates

How to recruit for the right candidates.

What’s the purpose of your job?

Hang on — that wasn’t meant to be accusatory. Companies often lose sight of what recruiting is really about, so I wanted to offer a reminder. The purpose of your job is to hire people. Your job isn’t to grind through interviews, process candidates or collect applications — it’s to help your company find …

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