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Ed Delgado

Ed is a world-class leader in talent attraction focused on helping companies identify and attract the best talent in the world. He is currently the Global Sourcing Director at Indeed, where he is responsible for the Global Candidate Tracking Team. Prior to Indeed, he spent four years at Yahoo in a variety of roles as an individual contributor and staff manager. His accomplishments include: building new talent, scouting teams, training design for interviews, overseeing diversity recruitment initiatives, and global recruiting programs. His personal mission is to help reduce the overall unemployment rate and improve inclusion in the workplace.

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5 Productivity Hacks to Save Every Recruiter Time

Recruiter shaking hands with job candidate

Recruiters know that time is a precious resource. Time with hiring partners and candidates is invaluable to achieve hiring success. But the many variables we juggle — changing requirements, shifting timelines and candidates’ busy schedules — can easily eat up that time. Simplifying applications, improving your processes and leveraging technology to help automate the repetitive tasks free you up to …

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5 Tips for Preventing Cancellations and No-Shows

So the phone screen went well, and you really like the candidate. Now it’s time for the in-person interview. You find a mutually agreeable time, everything looks good… and then—the candidate cancels on you!

Suddenly you’re back at square one.

It’s frustrating, but hey—at least the candidate actually emailed you to cancel. What about those other times when they just …

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The Next Level: 3 Steps to Boosting Candidate Engagement Through Hyper-Personalization

Has the recruiting industry hit an inflection point of bad behaviors surrounding the job seeker experience? Well, maybe it’s not that bad — but sometimes it seems like it! You only have to search for #recruiterfail on Twitter to see examples candidates are sharing about their experiences with recruiters.

I am a software engineer and you want to talk to …

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