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Carmen Bryant

Carmen Bryant est directrice internationale de l’équipe de perspectives sur les employeurs (Employer Insights) chez Indeed. Elle supervise une équipe d’évangélistes de recrutement qui sont la voix d’Indeed un peu partout dans le monde durant des événements et des réunions, articulant clairement notre histoire et notre valeur commerciale pour nos publics-cibles. Offrant de l’expertise sur les produits et sur les consommateurs, Carmen travaille également de près avec la force de vente d’Indeed pour aider à développer des stratégies efficaces de mise en marché particulières aux comptes de notre clientèle. Avant de se joindre à Indeed, Carment était en charge de l’étude des tendances et des perspectives pour la Content Innovation Agency chez NBCUniversal après avoir occupé d’autres postes spécialisés en perspective stratégique dans des entreprises d’échelons supérieurs. Elle est diplômée de la Harvard University.

Recent Articles by Carmen

How to Hire for Soft Skills

Hire a candidate with soft skills.

Whether you’re a busy recruiter or a hiring manager, bringing on the right people takes creativity, resourcefulness and (sometimes) a little luck. Candidates may have their hard skills locked, but what about things like team spirit, or conflict resolution?

Work, at its core, is a social endeavor. Most of us have to interact with colleagues, clients or customers. And all …

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On Your Mark: 5 Tips for New Managers

Tips for being a first-time manager

One of the most common conversations I have with top performers on my team centers around opportunities to become a manager. It’s great to be ambitious, of course, and I love to see people rise to the next level in their careers.

But there’s an important reminder I like to give: The skills that are required to be a high-performing …

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4 Reasons Why Job Seekers Aren’t Finishing Your Application Process (And What You Can Do About It)

Reasons why job seekers aren't finishing your applications

So you posted a job, expecting qualified interested applicants to roll in… but then weeks later, you have very few qualified applicants to show for your efforts.

What’s going on? Maybe should look at your application process. Is the job description clear? Is it working on mobile? Is it just too darn long? Whatever the reason, the fact is that …

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