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Barb Bidan

Barb Bidan was the Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition at Indeed between 2015 and 2018.

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Understanding the Job Seeker: 3 Steps to Making a Connection that Lasts

Finding a new job is stressful. Just think about all the steps a person has to take before accepting a new job: searching for work, preparing an application, sending it in, talking to a recruiter…that’s four steps already and we’re still a long way from extending an offer.

Throughout the entire process, recruiters should be building a relationship with the …

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Should You Require a Cover Letter?

Technology has changed the role cover letters play in hiring

The dreaded cover letter. Some recruiters love them, and others have little use for them. But there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on — job seekers hate writing them. Cover letters often veer toward boring and formulaic, or over-the-top. For those candidates who manage to strike just the right balance of brevity, data-backed performance statements and personality, they’re left …

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4 Hiring Lessons the Tech Industry Can Teach All Recruiters

Hiring Tips from Tech Recruitment

Competing for tech talent means being a kung fu master — a peaceful warrior. Tech recruiters must be both aggressive and gentle, often in the same moment, throughout the entire hiring process.

Every industry has its own arsenal of tips, tricks and best practices for hiring, but tech companies have had to get especially industrious to compete for the world’s …

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Mastering the Data: Using Your ATS to Optimize Your Recruiting

When was the last time you reviewed the source data in your applicant tracking system (ATS)? 94% of talent executives reported they’ve successfully used big data to “moderately or extensively” identify new candidate sources.

Given the critical role sources play in shaping your recruitment strategies and budget, it makes sense to start with an in depth-analysis of the various sources …

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How the Recruiter’s Job Has Transformed

Being a successful recruiter in today’s fast-evolving industry requires data analytics skills, understanding of a range of technology platforms and being grounded in human behavior.

Ten years ago, the traits that separated an average recruiter from a great one included things like tenacity, networking ability and sales savvy. These attributes are still differentiators, but recruiting now also requires solid analytical skills and an understanding of a range of technology platforms. At the same time, there are things technology can’t replace or make obsolete, and those …

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