You Gotta Have a Cool T-Shirt — the Story Behind “I Help People Get Jobs”

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Five years ago, a group of Indeed employees were preparing to attend SXSW, the huge media and tech conference which is held in Austin each year.

Chris Hyams — who today is Indeed’s president — was one of those employees.

As Chris puts it, “For anyone who’s been to SXSW, you probably know that the single most important thing for every business and where people spend a lot of time and energy is you gotta have a cool T-shirt.”

But there was a problem. Back then, Indeed didn’t have a cool T-shirt. So at this year’s Indeed Interactive, Chris talked about how and why we rectified the situation.

In this short video, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse on how the act of creating that cool T-shirt served as an impetus for Indeed to encapsulate our values and purpose in five short words: “I help people get jobs” — and why making human connections is so crucially important.

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