Introducing, a New Destination for Labor Market Research and Insight

We are thrilled to announce a new website for Indeed’s Hiring Lab,, dedicated to global labor-market research. The Hiring Lab is an international team of economists and researchers studying job markets around the world, using Indeed’s proprietary data and publicly available sources.

By analyzing real-time job search and job posting data, we can quickly uncover shifts in job-seeker and employer behavior in response to political, policy and industry changes — both for national economies overall and in specific local markets and individual occupations.

Our research reveals how job-seekers find new opportunities; what the labor market experience looks like today; and how the future of work might evolve.

On the new site please read our latest post about what sets Silicon Valley and other vibrant tech hubs apart. It turns out it’s not just the sheer amount of technology-related jobs, but also the kind of jobs—notably an unusual mix of high paying and newly-emerging tech jobs. We show which metros are most similar to the Silicon Valley region when it comes to this special mix of tech jobs.

We hope these insights help you better understand and navigate the world of work.