Where Do Tech Salaries Go the Furthest? A New Report from Indeed Reveals the Answers

A new report from Indeed provides cost of living adjustments for 15 tech roles in 15 US cities.

Today’s hyper-connected digital economy means that tech workers are in huge demand. As a result, salaries in this sector are high, with firms in the major tech hubs of Silicon Valley and Seattle frequently offering six-figure sums to individuals with high-value skillsets.

However, before you pack your bags and head west for that lucrative dream job, pause a moment to consider what that extra money is going to cost you in terms of quality of life. As the Indeed Hiring Lab reveals in its new report, once you factor in the cost of living, you could find you’re earning less in Silicon Valley than you would be elsewhere.

To take just one example: app developers in San Francisco on average make around $108,000 a year — but they may not feel quite so flush after paying out $3,357 in rent each month. (In fact, they’ll be 37% poorer.) In Austin by contrast, app developers earn “only” $87,700 a year —that’s more than $20,000 less than in San Francisco — but their rents are also lower. In fact, the median rent of $1,693 a month will only eat up 23% of an Austin app developer’s income.

So wouldn’t it be great if somebody took the salary data for 15 in-demand tech jobs in the top 15 cities in Indeed’s ranking of popular tech job search destinations — and then adjusted it for cost of living to provide city-by-city rankings of where the tech dollar stretches furthest? In our report, that’s exactly what we did.

In Where are the Highest Paid Tech Jobs in America?, you’ll learn which cities pay the most in real terms for such high demand roles as data scientist, software architect, IT security specialist, mobile developer and others. You’ll find out exactly how Silicon Valley compares to other US cities for salary, and which city comes out top overall. Some of the findings may surprise you: For instance, if you’re in cyber security, you might want to pack a pair of snow boots for your next job interview.

It’s not only job seekers who can use this information. Employers considering the costs of an expansion, or how to improve employee retention, or how to entice top talent away from competitors can also use it. For instance, if you want to compete against firms based in the major tech hubs of Silicon Valley, this report will give you a clear idea of exactly how much you need to offer talent.

Read the full report to learn more: Where are the Highest Paid Tech Jobs in America?

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