How 3 Companies Use Mission and Purpose to Inspire Top Talent

How 3 Companies Use Mission and Purpose to Inspire Top Talent

When your own values and goals align with your employer’s mission, you’re motivated to do your best work — and that’s good for business. One study by Deloitte found that mission-driven companies have 30% more innovation and 40% higher employee retention.

In our latest research, Indeed found that the highest-performing individuals in the workforce, who often have many job opportunities at their fingertips, are especially intent on finding a company whose mission excites and motivates them. Top performers are 46% more likely than others to be attracted to a new job by a company’s mission or reputation. At the same time, top performers are 10% less likely to be attracted by better compensation or benefits.

Clearly, a strong mission has the power to positively transform your workforce. Let’s look at three businesses that are doing a great job of using mission and purpose to attract and inspire top talent.

Bechtel opens up about its brand legacy

Founded in 1898, construction company Bechtel is behind famous megaprojects like the Hoover Dam and the Trans-Arabian Pipeline. As a privately held company, Bechtel remained out of the public eye for decades, but all that changed recently as leadership acknowledged the growing war for talent and increased demand among job seekers for employer transparency and a cohesive, inspiring company narrative.

To reach the most sought-after engineers and managers on Earth, the company’s leaders decided to step into the limelight and take ownership of their brand story. They’re working to share their business’s rich history with a new generation of engineering talent. Bechtel’s website showcases the massive construction projects they have under way around the world and reiterates the company’s deep, family-focused roots.

“We get to work on the world’s most exciting, toughest, first-of-a-kind … projects,” President Brendan Bechtel says. “If you’re a really hard core engineer that likes to actually build stuff rather than just do spreadsheets or PowerPoint slides, we’re the kind of company for you.”


Airbnb describes the tangible impact of employees’ work

Talent leaders at online home rental pioneer Airbnb know skilled engineers are in high demand and want to find work solving stimulating problems. To set themselves apart, they’ve created job postings that show candidates how they can make a difference at Airbnb.

The company’s job descriptions for software engineers outline specific project details to give job seekers a taste of what their day-to-day work will look like in the role. A section called “Why are Software Engineers in Portland important at Airbnb?” provides context about the relevant team and its key projects to show job seekers the impact their contribution can have to the business and its 60 million users.

Airbnb describes the tangible impact of employees’ work

Xero highlights big opportunity in a growth culture

Startups offer a lot of perks, but one of the most exciting is the chance to get in on the ground floor, take ownership and make an impact quickly. New Zealand-based Xero, which offers a cloud accounting solution for small and medium businesses, has built a magnetic employer brand around this concept. The company’s career site delivers a resounding message of limitless opportunity.

From the inspirational tagline “Do beautiful work” to phrases like “change the game,” “challenge the norm,” “blaze your own trail,” and “push the limits,” Xero shows job seekers that they’ll be encouraged to learn, grow and innovate in their roles. The text and imagery reiterate Xero’s company mission of helping small businesses thrive with an aesthetically pleasing product (“We’re a beautiful team…Making beautiful software”). Xero showcases its fast-growing user base as a real-time indicator of employees’ tangible impact.

Xero highlights big opportunity in a growth culture

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