Video: SafeSplash Makes Waves Using Indeed Sponsored Jobs

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Swimming is more than fun — it’s a true life skill. Teaching it requires both technical ability and less tangible qualities known as “soft skills” like patience, tenacity and reliability.  According to a recent survey by Indeed, businesses struggle to find enough candidates with this important combination of qualifications. Safesplash, a swimming school based in Dallas, Texas, has refined the art of sourcing instructors with the right mix of experience and soft skills.

At the heart of this success is their adept use of search engine technology to connect with candidates based on specific criteria. There are distinct differences between search engines like Indeed and online job boards. The hiring managers at SafeSplash recognized three key ways that Indeed gives them an edge in the hunt for great talent.

Finding more qualified candidates

More job seekers use Indeed than any other job site, which provides a reliable source of qualified candidates for growing businesses. Powerful search tools match job seekers to positions that align with their skills and experience and result in more hires than other sources. The success of these matches is amplified when employers like SafeSplash promote their open positions as Sponsored Jobs on Indeed. Sponsored Jobs remain prominently placed in relevant search results over time and receive more applications than free listings, helping growing businesses meet ambitious hiring goals.

Understanding the real cost per application

For a rapidly expanding business, a constant pipeline of qualified applicants is key to keeping up with demand. Initially, SafeSplash relied on a number of common recruiting sites. But when hiring managers traced the source of applications and resulting hires, Indeed emerged as the most reliable tool for filling open positions. In one hiring wave, Indeed was responsible for dozens of candidates with the requisite qualifications at an average cost per application of $4.19. Hiring metrics like these helped SafeSplash managers reallocate recruitment budgets to leverage what actually works. The result? Lower recruitment costs and more qualified candidates.

Getting the right help

When using a search engine to find great candidates, there are many opportunities to optimize the performance of your company’s listings. On Indeed’s Client Services team, SafeSplash found a partner and cheerleader in Samantha Berardo, whose entire team is committed to helping businesses find ways to make their job postings more effective and their budgets go further.

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