Questions? The How-To Hub Has Hiring Answers

Questions About How to Post a Job on Indeed? The How-To Hub Has Hiring Answers

Coveted high-performing job seekers are actively searching for new positions online, but it’s not always clear to employers how to begin the recruitment process or where to get credible guidance on attracting the best candidates. With the launch of the Indeed How-To Hub, employers now have a one-stop learning destination for tips on how to post a job on Indeed as well as topics related to recruiting and hiring in an increasingly competitive labor market.

All the answers you need

From developing compelling job titles and job descriptions to analyzing data on the performance of your hiring campaign, the How-To Hub makes it easy to find clear, digestible answers about posting jobs, managing applicants and measuring your hiring results. Use the drop-down menu to browse topics, or go straight to an interesting resource from its link on the Hub’s main page.

Multimedia formats

How do you like to learn? The How-To Hub takes a dual approach to providing hiring resources. Conversational videos and short articles walk users through the process of developing and promoting job listings for your company’s open positions. Helpful visuals and instructional examples help the lessons “stick.”

Recommendations to help you learn more

Once you’ve learned how to post a job on Indeed, you may want to know more about managing applications to your positions. To help you explore related concepts, every resource on the Hub is paired with recommendations to help you hire more effectively. And it’s always easy to get help!

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