Infographic: How AT&T Transformed the Job Application Process and Saved $1M

Infographic: How AT&T Transformed the Job Application Process and Saved $1M

Attracting top talent to your job postings is just half the work of successful inbound recruiting. Once you have people’s attention, you need to hold on to it by providing a top-notch job application process, every step of the way.

Indeed data shows that candidates are going online to find and apply to jobs, but too often they’re deterred by a difficult application process. When applications are too long, contain too many fields, or aren’t mobile-friendly, it leads more candidates to quit the process before completion. Our research shows there’s an 88.7% abandonment rate for online applications that have 45 questions or more.

When Jennifer Terry-Tharp, executive director of talent acquisition for AT&T, recognized that her company’s application experience needed an overhaul, she went through the process herself for every job type, examining drop-off points and searching for opportunities to shorten and simplify.

“We went through and we asked, what are the things that we’re really going to pull data on?” Jenn said at Indeed Interactive. “What are the things we really care about, and what are the things that really matter to hiring managers? The reality was there were far fewer of those than we thought when we started.”

Jenn suggests using the basics of user experience design—which companies have applied to consumer sites for years—to create easier, more intuitive online application experiences. Remove every form field that isn’t critical to the job application process, and guide candidates with progress trackers at every stage. While it’s great to have a wealth of candidate data, she says, making successful hires is the ultimate goal.

Explore the infographic below to see how AT&T’s efforts resulted in more high-quality applicants, fewer low-quality applicants and staggering cost savings of a million dollars in the first year.

How AT&T Transformed the Job Application Process and Saved $1M

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