Job Spotter App Gives Small Businesses the Power to Crowdsource Job Advertising

Job Spotter App Gives Small Businesses the Power to Crowdsource Job Advertising

Many small businesses rely solely on help wanted signs to advertise that they’re hiring.

That’s all set to change thanks to Indeed’s new mobile app, Job Spotter. Currently available on Google Play in the US and on the App Store, Job Spotter uses crowdsourcing to help small businesses reach online job seekers.

The model is simple: App users snap pictures of local “help wanted” signs and upload them directly to Indeed. Job Spotter rewards users who submit photos by giving them points they can use to get gift cards. Plus, there’s no limit on the number of local job ads they can submit.

“Help wanted” signs don’t reach online job seekers

Indeed estimates that, in the US alone, millions of jobs are advertised only in storefront windows. However, the majority of people explore new career opportunities online. Help wanted signs may never reach the eyes of these online job seekers. Businesses that rely solely on “help wanted” signs are, therefore, at a significant disadvantage in attracting the right talent for job openings. Their options are limited to only passersby.

Job Spotter is the first mobile app designed to bring offline local job postings online, and help businesses increase visibility of their local opportunities with the power of crowdsourcing.

This is where Job Spotter comes in—it helps small businesses and local communities bridge the gap by harnessing smartphones and crowdsourcing to promote offline job listings online. In a nutshell, it rewards others for sharing these job opportunities on Indeed.

Job Spotter is a win-win, benefitting employers and job seekers

Job Spotter gives small businesses the ability to expand their pool of candidates. It’s an easy way to reach the talent that may never see the sign in their window.

But job seekers also benefit. Increased visibility to openings in their communities gives job seekers a greater locus of control over where they work and a better chance at finding the right fit. Most importantly, they no longer need to walk around looking for help wanted signs or rely on word-of-mouth to find it.

Taken together, Job Spotter helps ensure that the match made between an employer and their new hire is a strong one. They can both rest easy that they’ve found the best fit.

To start adding listings to Job Spotter, download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store. To find local Job Spotter jobs, simply type “Help Wanted” into Indeed job search.

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