Live From Interactive: Hiring Campaign Hacks + Recruitment Content Strategy

Recap of Indeed Interactive Day 2

Indeed Interactive launched into its final day this morning. Yesterday, attendees learned how to identify transformational talent – those highly coveted top performers who contribute significantly more than average. In the second half of the day, breakout sessions provided tips and tricks for getting the most from Indeed, including campaign hacks and advanced trainings. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from those sessions:

Common sense campaign hacks will dramatically increase results

For every recruitment source, there are at least two key metrics to track: cost per applicant and cost per hire. How can you optimize these numbers? According to Indeed VP of Client Services Sondra Lavin, keep things simple.

One way to do that is to simplify your job titles, or call your jobs what really are. For example, if “Account Managers” are really “Sales Representatives,” use the more accurate job title instead. One client saw a 50% increase in clickthrough rate to job postings and a 93% increase in applications by changing the job title to “Account Manager/Sales Representative.”

Questions on how to get the most from your job postings on Indeed? Our Client Services team is here to help.

Indeed Director of Employer Insights Kevin Walker shares insights on transformational talent

Candidate response rates peak when your message is 20 to 40 words long

The Indeed Resume database is home to 65 million resumes – a trove of qualified candidates who are just a search and email away. Product Manager Kyu-Heong Kim shared how using advanced search features can help you identify the candidates with the right profile and increase your response rates.

Once you’ve found the ideal set of talent, amp up your message to reel them in: keep your email between 20 and 40 words and include a link to the job posting so they can learn more. Try messaging them between 7-9am because candidate response rates drop significantly in the evening.

As soon as you write a job description, you become a content strategist

Today’s HR professionals are tasked with getting people’s attention. Kristina Halvorson, founder and president of content strategy agency Brain Traffic, shared how talent attractors can make a connection with candidates in a crowded marketplace. For Halvorson, the minute you publish something on the web, be it copy for your career site or a job description, you become a content strategist. Daily, recruiters are tasked with thinking about the user experience of job search, of their career site, and on making their recruitment content magnetic.

The day closed out with the Interactive party, a blowout event featuring traditional Texas flavors, local brews and cocktails and, true to Austin tradition, great live music.

The Interactive party at Geraldine's

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