4 Reasons to Consider a Job in Ireland This St. Patrick’s Day

Indeed marks St. Patrick’s Day by highlighting data that explores ties between the US and Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday but today it is celebrated all over the world—with some of the biggest parades taking place in the US. Links between Ireland and the US date back to colonial times, when immigrants from Ireland started making the journey across the Atlantic. Celebration of the holiday in North America dates back to the same period.

In recent years, that relationship has become even stronger as increasing numbers of US firms have crossed the Atlantic to set up offices in Ireland. In fact, today the Taoiseach of Ireland Enda Kenny is visiting the White House to discuss the economic ties between the two countries and get a jumpstart on St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

So, would you consider taking a job in Ireland? Here are 4 reasons you might want to entertain the idea:

1. Foreigners are flocking to the Emerald Isle

Today, more than 1,200 foreign firms including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Dell (and Indeed) collectively employ thousands of people in Ireland. Their employees include high numbers of Irish and American personnel as well as workers of many other nationalities—and the trend shows no signs of stopping. This influx of workers from abroad makes for an exciting time to broaden your professional experiences and networks.

2. Workers in Ireland are the 4th happiest in the world

When it comes to job satisfaction, Dublin is a winner—it ranks #1 for workplace happiness among other major European cities, according to the Indeed Job Happiness Index. Ireland as a whole is the highest ranking eurozone nation in a global ranking of the same measure.

3. Benefits are generous

While American companies are increasingly offering attractive benefits, many workplaces in the US still don’t compare to European standards. In Ireland, for instance, mothers receive 26 weeks of paid parental leave and starting in September, fathers will receive two weeks. Employees receive a minimum of 20 days of paid leave each year and there are nine public holidays—in fact, St. Patrick’s Day is one of them.

4. Opportunities will continue to arise in Ireland

The Irish economy is projected to grow 4.5% over the next year, compared to average growth of 1.9% for the eurozone as a whole. See the infographic below for the full picture:

Infographic - The US and Ireland enjoy strong economic ties