Video: 3 Reasons Inbound Candidates Make Great Hires

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In a recent blog, Kevin Walker, Director of Employer Insights at Indeed, shared research about active candidates, disproving the widely held belief that most candidates are passive. Attracting inbound candidates who are actively looking at job opportunities is a more actionable way to think about your candidate pool.

According to Employer Insights Strategist Carmen Bryant, an inbound candidate that has applied to one of your jobs is actively seeking employment with you. They have identified your company as one they’d like to work for, and the job they applied to as one that they’re interested in and qualified to do.

In a recent Polling Company survey of 1,000 recruitment professionals,  9 out of 10 respondents said they prefer to hire active candidates. This research uncovered some other interesting insights:

Cost: It’s more expensive to recruit someone who is considered “passive.” 87% of employers say it’s the same or more expensive to recruit a passive candidate over an active one.

Passion: Active candidates are more likely to be more passionate about your company and the job. 51% of talent professionals said lack of passion is the #1 reason passive hires fail in the job.

Motivation: Active candidates have a stronger desire to succeed once hired. 51% say active candidates have better motivational drive. And 70% of talent acquisition leaders feel active candidates are more motivated to succeed.

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