Super Tuesday 2016: Labor Markets At a Glance

As people prepare to vote for delegates on Super Tuesday, Indeed takes a look at jobs, unemployment and the minimum wage in each state.

This election cycle, Super Tuesday will fall on March 1st. On this day, candidates from both parties will vie for delegates in 11 states and Republicans will hold caucuses in three additional states. Typically, candidates can pick up more delegates on Super Tuesday than on any other day during the nominating process—and the outcome on March 1st could be an important indicator of which two candidates will face off in the general election this fall.

Among the many factors that play into voters’ decisions, jobs, unemployment and the minimum wage are hot topics as always. In fact, 86% of Americans say that the economy will be extremely or very important to their vote in November—a significantly higher percentage than for any other issue.

To get a better understanding of the economies of the states in question, we did a quick run-down of their labor markets. Take a look at the full infographic:

INFOGRAPHIC: A breakdown of the state labor markets for those states holding primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday 2016. Learn about the unemployment rates, hourly minimum wage and most unique job search term in each state.