Super Bowl 50: Labor Market Edition [Infographic]

Charlotte and Denver are competing for the talent as well as the trophy in 2016

The Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos have proven themselves evenly matched on the field this NFL season and will face off for the Super Bowl trophy on Sunday. But it turns out these cities are competing in more ways than one: With remarkably similar labor markets, employers in both cities are competing for top talent, too.

Charlotte and Denver are roughly the same size, with their metropolitan areas ranking as 21st (Denver) and 22nd (Charlotte) largest, according to the US Census Bureau. And, there is high demand in many of the same occupations: Employers are posting jobs for nurses, software engineers and high-level sales professionals in both areas.

There are some key differentiators: Charlotte is the country’s second-largest finance hub, after New York. Denver, on the other hand, is the most populous city in the Rocky Mountains and has long been an important center for the energy and mining industries. More recently, both cities have become burgeoning tech hubs, appearing at 12 (Denver) and 18 (Charlotte) on Indeed’s ranking of the cities tech talent is most interested in moving to.

What else sets Charlotte and Denver apart? Here’s the full breakdown:

Charlotte, NC and Denver, CO are evenly matched in more ways than one. These cities are facing off for the talent as well as the Super Bowl trophy in 2016. With remarkably similar labor markets, employers in both metros are looking to hire in many of the same occupations. Unemployment is low in both areas, but Denver is slightly better with a rate of 3.2%, well below the national average.