January Jump! What a Surge in Job Seeker Activity Means for Employers

The biggest increase in job seeker activity each year happens at the beginning of January.

Anecdotally, we know that the new year is seen as a perfect opportunity to make big changes. Indeed data on job seeker activity indicates that this is definitely true when it comes to looking for new jobs. Each January, search activity on all devices follows a familiar trajectory, dipping through the holidays and surging just after New Year’s celebrations end. For employers, this trend points to a talent bonanza.

On average, searches by job seekers double between December 23 and January 7. With an increase of more than 2.8 million daily searches over that period on both desktops and mobile devices, 2016 has been no exception.

Three characteristics of the January job seeker make this a great time to hire. In general, the new year brings out job seekers who are:

Rested. Job seekers take the holidays off in large numbers. While the rest of the year sees sustained levels of search activity, December and November bring steep decreases in job search. As a result,  the year’s early labor market entrants are considering job opportunities with fresh eyes. To be ready, take some time to review your job postings for clarity and important details.

Resolved. For many people, “New year, new you” means “new job.” Employers who are ready to hire can capitalize on the season’s focus on personal growth by offering jobs that inspire candidates to build on their strengths and take ownership of key initiatives. To catch the eye of driven candidates, emphasize areas where a new employee could show leadership in your organization.

Ready. The new year is a period of momentum for job seekers. Make the most of this energy by ensuring that your application process doesn’t slow candidates down. Use screener questions judiciously and make sure that job seekers on mobile devices can engage seamlessly with your application process. If you post jobs directly to Indeed, you can be confident that your listing are optimized for all devices.

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