The 10 Cities With the Most Job Openings Per Person

These are the top ten cities with the most job openings per person, according to the latest Indeed Job Trends.

According to recent Indeed research, 71% of adults in or looking to enter the labor force say they are actively looking or open to a new job. People are keeping a pulse on the labor market now more than ever, and those in search a new job may want to explore the cities where the most opportunities are available.

To learn which cities have the most job openings we measured the number of job postings available for every 1,000 people.

San Jose, Raleigh, and Denver top the list with the most to offer job seekers. Specifically, San Jose boasted 154 job openings for every 1,000 people in the city, followed by Raleigh with 121 job openings and Denver with 96.

Monthly job trends from Indeed

Interestingly, the country’s two largest cities by population currently have some of the most competition for work. New York, the largest city by population, comes in at 46 in our ranking, with 37 jobs for every 1,000 residents. Los Angeles, the second-largest city by residents, is even worse, with 33 jobs per 1,000 people. Finally, Miami comes in last in terms of jobs per capita at 27.

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