3 New Videos Showcase How the World Works

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With more than 200 million visitors each month, job seekers have made Indeed the #1 job site in the world. No matter the role a candidate is seeking—from tax accountant to truck driver—they can find it on Indeed.

To let even more people know about the world of opportunities available on our site, we’ve launched the next installment of our global “How the world works” brand campaign in the US.

This campaign celebrates the role of every job, and how Indeed helps millions of job seekers and employers find the right fit. These new ads continue the theme we kicked off last year in our initial video, featuring people we hired on Indeed.

The first commercial, “How Robots Work,” shown above, depicts the range of jobs that go into making high-tech robots a part of everyday life. From industrial designers to social media managers, each person has a specific role to play in making what used to be science fiction a reality.

The second commercial, “How Rock & Roll Works,” shows the team of people who come together to produce the perfect guitar. Master carpenters, inventory supervisors and even finance managers all combine their skills to turn a raw piece of wood into an iconic instrument.

Finally, “How Soccer Works” shows that a great game takes a much larger team than just the players on the field. Everyone from groundskeepers to team physicians come together to make the world’s most popular sport possible.

From designing the perfect robot to putting on the perfect match, the world needs a variety of smart, talented and motivated people to take on life’s daily challenges and opportunities. “How the world works” tells the story of how these diverse people come together to make something extraordinary.

You can see our “How the world works” campaign featured on television in the coming weeks and months, in addition to online outlets like Hulu and on social media. To learn more about how this campaign can help you hire, visit indeed.com/how-the-world-works.