How One Candidate Found the Best First Job Ever

The story of how one job seeker set out to find his dream job, and got it.

Nearly 80% of people believe there is a perfect job fit for every individual, and that finding that fit determines happiness and success at work, according to a recent study from the University of Michigan.

For many, that dream job is out there. The challenge is finding it. On the other end, employers are envisioning an ideal candidate—also believing the best fit person exists but not always sure how to find them. This gap is the opportunity we at Indeed spend our days thinking about.

A few months back, we partnered with National Geographic to help them find the ideal candidate, and to help that person get their dream job. Enter job seeker Zach Mason.

Zach had a background in photography and was looking for the opportunity to apply his skills. He found that and so much more—a one month adventure on assignment in Sri Lanka for National Geographic, working as a photo assistant for acclaimed wildlife photographer Steve Winter.

Indeed has been chronicling Zach’s #BestFirstJobEver on Instagram. Here are some highlights from the life on the job. See more of his expedition by following @IndeedWorks.

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“Weeks ago I was serving coffee, selling clothes, and scanning tickets at a museum. Now I’m reporting to work at the #BestFirstJobEver with National Geographic as photo assistant to Steve Winter. A little dirt on my face to welcome the first day. A lot more dirt awaits.” – Zach

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“While shooting this story for National Geographic with Steve Winter, we spend every morning and evening driving through Yala National Park searching for tracks and listening for alarmed animal cries. Finally, our first sighting of a leopard.” – Zach