How One Transportation Company is Hiring Amidst a Talent Shortage

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Last year, the trucking industry moved nearly 10 billion tons of freight—more than two-thirds of all products transported in the United States. And that load is expected to increase by 28.6% over the next 11 years.

At this volume and rate of growth, hiring needs are always high in transportation and logistics. And reaching great candidates is top of mind for every employer in the sector.

C.R. England, a trucking company specialized in temperature-sensitive transportation, focuses on matching their five-star reputation with top-notch hires to ensure they can meet growing demand for their services. As Devin Hutchings, Marketing Manager explains, “Here at C.R. England, we have some of the top clients across the nation—big grocery stores, big retail stores—so the work is there, but we need drivers to haul those miles.”

So how does C.R. England find enough trucking talent to keep pace with growth?

Tackling the shortage head on

Today there are 3.56 million freight trucks in action. By 2026, that number is expected to grow to nearly 4 million.

With an aging workforce demographic—average age for the profession is 48—C.R. England has started to target younger generations with hopes of filling the talent gap. Understanding how younger people are searching for jobs and strategizing how to market life on the road to those candidates is critical to the company’s future success.

Working with Indeed, C.R. England has been able to refine their messaging and widen the scope of their recruitment advertising—200 million job seekers visit Indeed each month, and C.R. England positions both their employer brand and their hardest-to-fill jobs to ensure that qualified candidates will see them.

Investing in attracting the right hires

C.R. England began testing some recruitment campaigns on Indeed. “When we started, we had 1 or 2 campaigns with Indeed. It was very basic, very general, like ‘we’re hiring truck drivers nationwide,’” Devin explains.

By tracking their source of hire, they were able to see the traffic and hiring successes coming from Indeed. Today, C.R. England has over 20 campaigns and over 30,000 job postings on Indeed.

“The more we work with Indeed, the more hires they are able to give back to us. In 2013, we got about 18,000 job applications and about 400 hires. We made the decision to spend double with Indeed in 2014. And we’re expected to get double the results. We actually almost tripled our results. We got almost 50,000 job applications and over 1,000 hires.”

Optimizing the mobile experience for a new style of job search

With over half of Indeed’s job search traffic coming from mobile devices, C.R. England quickly realized their traditional desktop-only application process wasn’t enough. Candidates were finding it difficult to fill out their applications, upload resumes and answer screening questions.

When it comes to millennials, 73.4% of them click on jobs from mobile and 71.3% of Gen Xers do the same. With Indeed’s mobile capabilities, C.R. England was able to accept more applications and reach more people of all ages.

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