How One Company Leverages Employer Brand to Hire Customer-Oriented Employees

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Repairing more than 1 million windshields per year, building relationships with over 3 million customers, and running more than 5,000 shops across the US requires a great amount of human capital. That’s why Safelite Autoglass places such a high value on finding the right people to join their company.

This service-oriented organization specializes in repairing or replacing car windshields when they’re broken. Since most of their customers have just experienced a stressful event that caused damage to their car, having great customer service and knowledgeable technicians is essential.

“Finding top talent is no easy task,” says Malinda Lindimore, Director of National Recruiting. “While all of our employees touch customers, our technicians and our customer service representatives really are the face of our company and finding the top talent for those roles is crucial to our success.”

Accurately portraying company culture

Safelite focuses on seeking out candidates that mirror the personality of their company, are able to approach customers in a friendly way, and have the necessary skills and qualifications for the position. Top candidates are selective in the types of jobs they’re willing to take, so Safelite focuses on putting their company culture into words:

“At Safelite, we are creating a culture that delivers our People Pledge: You’ll experience great leadership. We’ll focus on you first. You’ll work with talented people who inspire you to be at your best. You’ll become part of a caring culture with opportunities for you to grow both personally and professionally.”

The company has worked hard to build a strong employer brand, and by sponsoring jobs on Indeed, Safelite has been able to find candidates who meet the requirements of that brand promise.

Indeed is the number one source of candidates for the company and enables people to learn more about the company as they’re searching for the opportunity that fits them best. As Natalie Crede, Senior Vice President of People and Leadership Development, puts it, “I think we’ve done a terrific job in finding the type of people who fit our culture, and a lot of that is thanks to Indeed.”

Making jobs as accessible as possible

Part of bringing in high-quality candidates is making job postings available to them on any device. “We want to make sure that Safelite is as accessible to them as possible, whether it’s on a laptop or their phone or on a tablet,” says Malinda. Making jobs easy to search for and apply to from mobile is another way candidates find Safelite with Indeed.

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