Do You Know How Many Candidates Are Reaching You by Phone?

Keep track of how many candidates reach you by phone with Call Tracking from Indeed.

Today, employers reach candidates in a number of ways. With more ways to source talent comes the need to track the success of each channel and make decisions about where to invest in the future.

When every action a candidate takes happens online, this tracking is easy to do—especially with tools like Conversion Tracker. But things get more complicated when an online job search leads to an offline action. This is problematic for employers who receive many job applications by phone. How do you measure the success of an online job posting when it leads to a phone call rather than an online application?

Call Tracking is a free resource from Indeed designed to help employers overcome this attribution challenge. It lets companies track the number of calls they receive from job seekers on Indeed. Employers receive an Indeed-specific phone number that forwards calls to a phone number of their choice.

The data provided from Call Tracking gives organizations a better understanding of how their recruitment advertising is performing. It’s easy to implement and the only requirement is a minimum monthly budget of $1,000 on Indeed and a US phone number that candidates can call. We’ll provide you with the Indeed-specific phone number and the login information for the tracking dashboard.

Call Tracking improves the accuracy of your data by showing how many people have reached you by phone, and can help your HR organization become more metrics-focused in its decision making. A suite of resources from Indeed, which includes Conversion Tracker and Bid Optimizer, can complement that process by giving you more information about the kinds of candidates your job postings are delivering.

If you’d like to use Call Tracking or any other tools from Indeed to add more metrics to your recruitment strategy, contact us.