Show Off Your Skills at the Indeed Prime Code Challenge

The Indeed Prime Code Challenge gives job seekers an opportunity to demonstrate their coding skills to leading employers.

One of the greatest challenges facing employers today is attracting top technical talent. These in-demand candidates have many options and companies of all kinds are competing to reach them.

Indeed Prime is a new service from Indeed that gives highly-skilled technical talent direct access to employers without overwhelming them with recruiter contacts. Because of the select nature of service, response rates from candidates is 75%, far higher than traditional resume databases or social networks.

Indeed Prime starts matching candidates to employers based on work experience and education but then adds an empirical evaluation of skill using coding challenges—this method enables employers to discover top software engineers who would otherwise be difficult to reach. On June 12th, Indeed will host the first of these coding contests. Participants will be ranked against their peers, receive prizes like a quadcopter with a camera, GoPro, or Amazon AWS credits, and Indeed will introduce contestants scoring exceptionally well to a select group of employers looking for tech talent.

If you’re hoping to show off your skills and score your next job opportunity, register for the coding challenge today. If you’re an employer hiring tech talent, contact us to learn how Indeed Prime can help you hire.

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