How One Growing Business Finds Great Jobs for Great Teachers

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Like many of the best business ideas, the inspiration for Footprints Recruiting grew out of its founder’s personal experience.

s a young teacher abroad, Ben Glickman had learned how rewarding it was to live and work in another country. When he returned to North America, Ben started a business that could connect other teachers to that kind of opportunity.

Today, the small and dedicated team at Footprints places native English speakers who are also certified teachers in schools around the globe. The company also helps new university grads without prior teaching experience get positions teaching English abroad. Competing with larger companies in the same space while also reaching a highly skilled, international candidate audience requires recruiting resources that scale quickly and are optimized for the way people search for jobs today.

By posting jobs on Indeed and creating customized recruiting campaigns, Footprints has been able to grow their business. “As a small company, we don’t have the budget or capability to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve our goals,” Ben explains.

People are searching for jobs on the go, he adds. “Our mobile traffic has doubled year after year, particularly because the people we’re sending overseas don’t use laptops.” Making jobs easy to search for and apply to from mobile devices has been critical to Footprints success, and is one way that Indeed helps the company reach great candidates.

In the end, it comes back to the mission that spurred Ben to start his business. “We want to help great teachers get great jobs overseas,” he says. Indeed provides to a global pool of talent, job postings that are optimized for mobile devices and a dedicated support team — resources that have helped Footprints grow from 50 placements in its first year of operations to more than 1,000 international placements annually.

To learn more about how Indeed can help your growing business, post a job today or contact us to get started.