How a Leader in Aviation Manufacturing Hires Top Engineering Talent

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On a daily basis, more than three million people fly on commercial aircraft. From regional jets to trans-oceanic carriers, every detail on these planes is the result of innovation at the highest level — innovation that’s fueled by leading engineers worldwide.

B/E Aerospace makes everything inside commercial and business aircraft — seats, lighting, lavatories and beverage makers, for example. They rely on continually adding high-quality engineering talent to their team to serve their clients: top airlines around the world.

The war for talent is very real in this industry, as Jess Gato, Director of Human Resources, explains, “For aviation in particular, the last five years have been hyper in terms of growth.” Sourcing for specialized engineers — experts in materials science, supply chain optimization and product design, to name a few — is always top of mind for the talent acquisition team at B/E.

“Without engineering doing the innovation and meeting the customer demands, we won’t be in business,” says Jonathan Turner, Director of Global Talent Management.

With the stakes that high, B/E needs recruitment sources that provide a solid return on investment. Turner and his team carefully evaluate each channel that brings them high quality candidates: everything ranging from job fairs to employee referrals to online sources.

In a survey of hiring managers across the company, Jonathan and his team asked if hiring each employee was the right decision for the company. When the results came in, they found that 100% of the candidates coming from Indeed were viewed as the right decision for B/E Aerospace, making it the highest performing recruitment source. “We thought that employee referrals would be better hires relative to other sources but it turned out that Indeed was superior to all of them,” says Jonathan.

B/E is now building on those results by continually refining their hiring campaigns on Indeed to reach the right candidates and optimizing their jobs on any device with a mobile career site. As Jonathan puts it, “We’re trying to find high-tech talent. The last thing they need is a cumbersome application process.”

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