Top 10 Cities for Recent Graduates

The best cities for recent college graduates based on data from and Indeed

Even as the economy improves, it can be difficult for recent college graduates to find their footing in the labor market. Determining the career path you want to start down and the city you want to live in after graduation are life-changing decisions, ones that are hard to make without the right information.

To help newly-minted grads make those decisions, used data from Indeed and other inputs to find the US cities that provide favorable housing and employment options for young people.

First, they narrowed the list by selecting cities where at least a quarter of the population are Millennials (ages 20 to 34). Then, they looked at the job openings per 1,000 residents from the job postings on Indeed.

They then used a “Lifestyle Score,” a metric from Onboard Informatics that accounts for the number of restaurants, bars and entertainment opportunities in a city. Lastly, they added the overall unemployment rate and the median cost of a two-bedroom apartment.

The final list has Washington DC as the best city for new grads, where Millennials make up nearly a third of the population, there are 78 job openings per 1,000 people, unemployment is below the national average at 4.9%, and median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $3,287.

Here’s the full list:

Top 10 cities for recent grads based on data from and Indeed

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