The Research and Science Behind Attracting Great Candidates

Unemployment for people with a Bachelor's degree of higher is at a 7-year low

Last week’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the unemployment rate for those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher is just 2.5% — at its lowest point in seven years. In the current labor market, today’s in-demand candidates are most likely employed and searching for their next career opportunity.

This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for recruiters. On the one hand, it means that competition between employers is getting heated. At the same time, it means you have the chance to reach people at the moment when they’re looking for the right job, not just any job.

People are searching more online and on mobile than ever before, and when they’re ready to make a job move, great candidates have great options to search through. They take their job search with them and are constantly on the lookout for the best choice. These candidates are highly engaged and you can leverage the frequency of their online search to raise the visibility of your jobs. It’s a tremendous opportunity to understand your candidates — given many employment choices, what will make them choose you?

Answers to that question can be found in data on how people are using Indeed. From this data, you can discover insights on what’s working in your recruiting efforts and what needs to be adapted. For example, 42% of job seekers cite the lengthy application process as a frustration in the job search. Indeed data shows the true impact of a complex application process — asking 30 screener questions reduces the number of applications by half and asking 45 screener questions reduces applications by 90%.

Similarly, the search data indicates that job titles based on the terms candidates use, like Marketing Event Coordinator, perform better than job titles based on internal distinctions, like Marketing Coordinator III. When you use descriptive job titles, relevant candidates are able to find your jobs more easily.

Once you understand how your candidates are searching and what appeals to them, you can apply these insights to your campaigns and optimize your efforts to hire more efficiently. To learn more, get your copy of our ebook, 5 Tips for Attracting Great Candidates to Your Jobs.

Get your copy of the Indeed eBook: 5 Tips for Attracting Great Candidates