7 Companies That Saw a 26% Increase in Job Searches After the Super Bowl

Super Bowl impact on job search

How effective are TV commercials at attracting talent to a company?

On Sunday, the largest audience in TV history watched the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. With an audience of more than 120 million people, we wanted to understand the impact advertising during the Super Bowl would have on job search.

While more than 40 companies ran commercials during the Super Bowl we found there were seven companies that saw a notable increase in people searching for their jobs on Indeed.

On game day, WeatherTech, Mophie, Squarespace, Fiat, Esurance and Nationwide collectively saw a 26% increase in job searches as compared to the previous Sunday. Such an increase shows that TV commercials reach not only a large number of potential customers, but job seekers too.

The labor market is tightening and great candidates have more options than in previous years. These Super Bowl ads may be one way for these employers to differentiate themselves from other companies in the same space.

WeatherTech’s commercial had a powerful “made in the USA” message, which emphasized the role of its American production facilities and the people who work there. They saw the largest percentage increase in job searches. Ads from Mophie, Squarespace, Fiat and Esurance relied on a funnier approach, which appealed to candidates as well.

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