Top 10 Tech Skills Employers Are Looking For

What are today's most in-demand tech skills?

The tech industry is one of the verticals hiring the most on Indeed today, and STEM jobs (those positions that require skills related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) make up 10% of jobs in the US. Despite national demand for these jobs, the median duration of a STEM vacancy is more that twice as long as for a non-STEM vacancy — and employers have the most difficulty hiring for jobs that require sophisticated computer skills.

What are the technical skills employers are most eager to find in candidates? We found the answer by looking to our own resume database, which includes resumes from millions of qualified candidates with 2 million new resumes added every month. Here are the top 10 tech skills thousands of recruiters and talent acquisition professionals are searching for on Indeed Resume:

Top 10 Tech Skills Employers Are Looking For


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