Which Countries Are the Most World Cup Obsessed?

For the past month, the World Cup has captured the attention of the entire planet, and this year’s tournament is being recognized as the most engaging global sporting event of all time, drawing in more viewers, analysis and passion than any other in recent memory.

A record 171 goals, Spain’s surprising exit, Tim Howard’s 27 saves in the course of only four games, and other events throughout the month all resulted in unrelenting enthusiasm from fans and massive disruptions in daily patterns — including job search.

So, while data pours in on what people were doing during the World Cup, we were curious about what they weren’t doing.

Job search declined worldwide during the World Cup final

During the final game between Argentina and Germany, job search in those countries dropped off significantly. Other countries also turned their attention to the game, which broke all-time viewership records in markets across the globe. Here are the countries who were most distracted from job search during that game.

The top ten most World Cup obsessed countries


Mobile job search declined less than desktop as fans cheered on their teams

Indeed is the world’s largest job site and people are regularly searching for jobs on Indeed throughout the day, with web traffic peaking at 9:00 AM local time and mobile traffic peaking at 8:00 PM. The chart below shows job search traffic on desktop and mobile in individual countries during the time of key World Cup matches, reflecting the extent to which people were glued to the game.

Mobile and desktop job search during the World Cup

It’s no surprise that mobile job search declined less than desktop, since we already know that people use mobile to multitask. But, with 50% of job searches on Indeed coming from mobile, it’s worth noting that job seekers are still more engaged on their smartphones and tablets, even at their most distracted.

The World Cup is the largest sporting event in the world, and provides a look at how a large population of enthusiastic fans divide their attention over the course of the tournament. As mobile becomes increasingly important for job search and nearly every other activity, future events will continue to deliver insight into how mobile impacts audience behavior.