The Top Occupations for People Seeking Flexible Work

Job seekers can search on Indeed to find part-time opportunities

Part-time jobs are a vibrant part of the economy that offer flexibility to all types of job seekers. In March, the number of people working part time for economic reasons was 7.4 million, while 19.2 million chose to work part-time for noneconomic reasons. Part-time jobs can be a good option for students, caregivers and others who might not want or be able to work a full-time job. The reasons people work part time are diverse, and it’s clear that these types of jobs play a dynamic role in our economy.

Today at 2 PM ET, we’re participating in a Twitter chat hosted by U.S. News Careers to discuss part-time jobs: how to find them and what benefits they offer. Indeed Economist Tara Sinclair will share her perspective on how students, people returning to the workforce and other candidates can find part-time jobs. She’ll also discuss how job seekers can negotiate for flexible hours while also finding time to network and build relationships. You can use #PartTimeJobs to be part of the conversation.

In advance of the chat, we took a look at the occupations with the largest share of part-time jobs. These are broad categories, but they provide insight into where people can begin a part-time job search. Measuring the jobs available on Indeed from January to April 2014, here are the top ten occupations for part-time jobs:

Occupations with the most part-time jobs
Occupation Share of
part-time jobs
job title
6.46% Sales Associate
2Personal Care and Service
5.11% Resort Reservationist
3Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media
5.05% Fashion Stylist
4Office and Administrative Support
4.59% Data Entry Clerk
5Education, Training, and Library
3.71% Kindergarten Teacher
6Protective Services
3.29% Pool Lifeguard
7Community and Social Service
3.21% Social Worker
8Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance
3.10% Groundskeeper
9Transportation and Material Moving
2.95% Bus Driver
10Healthcare Support
2.31% Phlebotomist


The relatively small number of part-time jobs available in each category reveals that these opportunities can be hard to come by. Tara’s number one tip for people who want part-time work? “Make sure your resume highlights your strongest skills, and emphasize that flexible hours are important to you. For in-demand skills and the right worker, employers may allow for that flexibility,” she shares.

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